23 January 2018

New Stamps from Greenland

Sports in Greenland

Date of Issue : 22 January 2018

Greenland Post issued 3 different sets stamps on 22 January 2018 featuring Sports, Europa and Environment themes.

The Environment in Greenland

Date of Issue : 22 January 2018

The design with the icebergs is called Fatamorgana and is a comment about the massive inland ice thaw. This is the result of climate change and brings with it the risk that icebergs will no longer be seen in nature at some point in the future. The same is happening to the polar bear, who swims in the open sea, as there is not enough ice for it to live on.

Europa 2018 - Bridges

Date of Issue : 22 January 2018

22 January 2018

New Zealand Cycle Trails

Date of Issue : 6 February 2018

The New Zealand Post will issue a set of 6 stamps with a beautiful Miniature Sheet featuring Cycle Trails of New Zealand on 7th February 2018.

The New Zealand Cycle Trail incorporates 22 great rides through some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking landscapes. From restored heritage trails, epic swing bridges and curious wildlife to luxury accommodation and good food, the cycle trail offers something for everyone. Many of the trails can be broken up and done across multiple days, or even just tackled a section at a time if you’re after a day trip. The difficulty of each trail varies with the location and terrain; some roll with the landscape while others follow pre-forged paths that were once railway lines or horse tracks. Regardless of the style of trail, difficulty level or length of journey, one will experience New Zealand’s landscape in a unique way.

$1.00 Alps 2 Ocean

New Zealand’s highest mountain, Aoraki/Mount Cook forms the cornerstone of the country’s longest cycle trail. With the Southern Alps at its back, this 300-kilometre-long trail descends 540 metres to a long pier at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, riders pass through the historic sheep country of the Mackenzie Basin, the hydro-electric power stations of the Waitaki Valley, and the fossilised remains of giant penguins and tiger-like dolphins at Duntroon’s fascinating Vanished World Centre.

$1.00 Mountains to Sea

From the slopes of Mount Ruapehu, a rich history of the central North Island unfolds in this 226-kilometre, multi-day adventure. A cobbled coach road leads to quiet country lanes and into Whanganui National Park, passing long-deserted settlements on its way to the iconic Bridge to Nowhere. Opened in 1936 and abandoned shortly afterwards, the bridge now lies surrounded by wilderness. A boat ride follows, down the Whanganui River to Pipiriki and the River Road to Whanganui and the Tasman Sea.

$2.00 Otago Central Rail Trail

In the bitter winter of 1879, construction began on a rail line through the iconic rolling tussock-lands of Central Otago. How could the workers have imagined that, 120 years later, their creation would become New Zealand’s first multi-day rail trail and the flagship of New Zealand Cycle Trails? For visitors, it provides the best way to explore Otago’s iconic rocky landscapes and impressive tunnels and viaducts, and the small communities dotted along the 150-kilometre-long trail, offering exceptional accommodation and cuisine.

$2.20 Old Ghost Road

In the 1860s gold was discovered at the southern end of the Ghost Road, and the bustling settlement of Lyell sprang up. Today, all that remains is a graveyard and an old mining trail that has inspired one of the greatest multi-day mountain-bike trails in the world. The Old Ghost Road is a challenging trail that rewards those who dare to ride it with breathtaking scenery and 85 kilometres of continuous single-trail bike-hopping from mountain hut to mountain hut.

$2.70 Queen Charlotte Track

This 72-kilometre, two- or three-day trail stitches together two sunken valleys of the Marlborough Sounds, offering a unique combination of adventurous mountain biking through regenerating bush with coastal views and seaside resorts. A boat trip to the outer reaches of Queen Charlotte Sound, Ship Cove, sets the scene. This is where explorer Captain James Cook came ashore five times in the 1770s to restock supplies and undertake ship repairs. It makes for an auspicious start to a rewarding ride.

$3.30 Timber Trail

Opened in 2013, this 85-kilometre-long trail is a favourite with lovers of the outdoors. From the edge of the celebrated Pureora Forest Park, west of Taupō, it meanders through ancient rainforest. Kererū and kākā skim the canopy of giant rimu, tōtara and kahikatea, while kōkako add chimes of gold in the dawn chorus. The trail skirts the ancient volcano of Mount Pureora, then continues westwards across several impressive suspension bridges and along a historic bush tramline to the village of Ongarue.

19 January 2018

Australian Legends 2018 of TV Entertainment

Date of Issue : 18 January 2018

The Australia Post Australian Legends Award recognises individuals who have shaped Australian society and identity in a variety of positive ways. In 2018, Australia Post honours five much-loved television entertainers. These consummate performers have entertained, informed and delighted generations of Australians, transfixing television audiences across the country. Together they encompass a range of remarkable talents, from serious journalism to variety hosting, interviewing, singing, acting and comedy.

$1 Daryl Somers

Set of Legends of TV Entertainment 2018 stamps

Daryl Somers OAM (b. 1951) rose to prominence as the host and producer of Australia’s longest-running and most successful comedy/variety show, “Hey Hey It’s Saturday”, which ran for 30 years. Daryl has hosted, produced and performed across many different genres from game, reality and variety shows to special events, amassing 31 TV Week Logies, including three Gold, spanning a 50-year career.

$1 Denise Drysdale

Set of Legends of TV Entertainment 2018 stamps

Denise Drysdale (b. 1948), affectionately known as “Ding Dong”, began her television career as a 10-year-old on GTV 9’s “Tarax Show”. She has appeared on numerous television shows and is currently co-host of the Network Ten morning program “Studio 10”. Drysdale has won two TV Week Gold Logies for Most Popular Female Personality on Australian television.

$1 Bert Newton AM MBE

Set of Legends of TV Entertainment 2018 stamps

A pioneer of Australian television, Bert Newton AM MBE (b. 1938) started out in the late 1950s hosting “The Late Show” (HSV 7). His many television roles include regular appearances on Graham Kennedy’s “In Melbourne Tonight” and “The Don Lane Show” and host of “New Faces” (Nine Network) and “Good Morning Australia” (Network Ten). Newton has been awarded four TV Week Gold Logies and in 1988 was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame.

$1 Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Set of Legends of TV Entertainment 2018 stamps

Singer, actor and host Kerri-Anne Kennerley (b. 1953) is best known for hosting “Good Morning Australia” on Network 10, and “Midday” and “Kerri-Anne” on the Nine Network. In 2017, Kennerley was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame.

$1 Ray Martin AM

Set of Legends of TV Entertainment 2018 stamps

Ray Martin (b. 1944) began as a journalist with the ABC and was its North American correspondent for almost a decade. In 1978 he launched “60 Minutes” for Nine Network, followed by hosting roles on “A Current Affair”, “Midday with Ray Martin” and numerous specials. Among his many awards, he has received an Order of Australia along with five TV Week Gold Logies.

New Flag Series by UNPA

Date of Issue : 12 January 2018

Originally launched in 1980, the Flag Series was created to honour the Member States of the United Nations.
On 12 January 2018, UNPA issued two sheets of 16 stamps consisting of eight new flag stamps. All of the flags issued have had flag design changes since they were first issued.

18 January 2018

Friendship is Light ....

Date of Issue : 24 January 2018

Here is a beautiful set of stamps for Valentine's Day to be issue d by Finnish Post on 24th January 2018. The stamps are unique in design. These are all floral designs full of light with the dark background focusing the illuminated part. It is a symbolic design to convey the message " Friendship is Light " .

The Valentine's Day  stamps of 2018 have been designed by Leena Raappana-Luiro , Lecturer at the University of Lapland In the colors and colors of full-light plants, the cardiovascular pattern repeats, as the idea of ​​the whole implementation came from the wound magazine.
- A creative process took me, and I noticed I was pursuing a mystical, dramatic and sad-hearted mood. The hearts make up the vegetation of the fairy-tale forest, which shines its light in a dark environment, "Raappana-Luiro says.
- Even though I realized the illustrations digitally, I am inspired by the art history. I admire 17th-century Dutch floral paintings and old science illustrations, he continues.
Raappana-Luiro participated in the 2017 Valentine's Day Stamp Design Competition, at that time the Red Star was chosen as the winner. However, Raappana-Luiro's work attracted a lot of fascination and co-operation with the Post began.

Friendship in the light-stamped ink has five domestic stamps.
Source : Finnish Post

From our Readers ...

2 FDCs of Acharya Gyansagar Ji Stamp issued on 10.09.2013 both having first day cancellation of Agartala GPO but in different designs. How it is possible?

- Sudhir Jain, Satna (MP)

Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition

THAILAND 2018 is an extraordinary world stamp exhibition organized by the Philatelic Association of Thailand under the Patronage of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn from November 28 to December 3, 2018 at the Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand on the auspicious occasion of the First Anniversary Celebration of H.M. King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s Royal Coronation Ceremony. The 75th Congress of the International Philatelic Federation (FIP) will also be held at THAILAND 2018.

THAILAND 2018 with a capacity of 2500 display frames is the only General World exhibition in the year 2018 with participation open in all Classes viz FIP Championship, Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Thematic, Maximaphily, Revenues, Youth, Literature, One Frame, Modern Philately and Open Philately.

The participation fee for Competitive Classes (except Youth Philately, Literature and One Frame) will be USD80 per frame. The fee for participation in Literature Class is USD90 per exhibit. The fee for participation in One Frame Class is USD100 per exhibit. There is no participation fee for Youth Philately Class.

Mr. Madhukar Jhingan is the National Commissioner for India.

The minimum eligibility for participation in THAILAND 2018 is winning at least a vermeil award at the National exhibition. The Exhibit Application forms and the detailed rules of exhibition (IREX) are available for download at http://thailand2018.org/

The duly filled Forms along with a copy of the first page of the exhibit should be submitted to the National Commissioner for India, Madhukar Jhingan, mj@stampsofindia.com +919811160965 by March 1, 2018.

Source : Stamps of India

Pictorial Cancellations on Orchids fromTaiwan
Date of Issue : 26 January 2018

- Wolfgang Beyer, Germany

17 January 2018

“The Anniversaries of Great Personalities”.

  Date of issue - 31 December 2017

On December 31st, 2017 the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic puts into circulation a series of five Kyrgyz Express Post postage stamps: “The Anniversaries of Great Personalities”. with beautiful Minisheets.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745). The 350th birth anniversary
Sir Arthur Charles Clarke (1917- 2008). The 100th birth anniversary.
Maria Sklodowska-Curie (1867-1934). The 150th birth anniversary.
Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868). The 225th birth anniversary.
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973). The 125th birth anniversary.

16 January 2018

New Stamps on Greetings

Dream - Smile

I Love You - We'll meet again

Date of Issue : 2 January : 2018

Here is a beautiful Miniature Sheet issued by Danish Post . This Mini sheet has been designed by noted artist, singer, song writer and  Peace Activist Yoko Ono. She is also known for her work in performance art and film making.  The sheet features two stamps with symbolic messages on a moon and Sun. The Moon says 'Dream' and the Sun says 'Smile'. In the background the phrases "I Love You "n We"ll meet again appears. This is a global message for one and all.

Yoko Ono 

Yoko Ono has devoted her life to battling for a world of peace and understanding, and to making people more aware of their surroundings. From October 2017 through February 2018, the Kunsthal Charlottenborg art gallery in Copenhagen is hosting a special exhibition entitled YOKO ONO: TRANSMISSION. It is an exhibition that explores the famous artist’s unique methods of transmitting her insightful messages about artistic philosophy and peace in diverse ways to people all over the world. The minisheet of two stamps has been created specifically for this exhibition.

Press Clippings

Jagannath Mani is a regular contributor to Rainbow Stamp Club and Rainbow Stamp News. I am pleased to share this clipping about him from Indian Express Bangalore edition published on 15 January 2016.

Please view : http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/bengaluru/2016/jan/16/Once-an-Athlete-Mani-now-Owns-Olympian-Stamp-Collection-869380.html

15 January 2018

New Stamp - 2018 The Year of Dog

Date of Issue : 15 January 2018

Two new issues were released  by Canada Post today celebrating Lunar New Year - the Year of the Dog !
The design of the non-denominated Permanent stamp includes a Chinese paper lantern with the image of a dog overlaid in red. The words dog, chien and the Chinese characters for “gǒu” (or dog). The set will also include an international-rate stamp as well as a souvenir sheet.
From Feb. 16, 2018 to Feb. 4, 2019, those born in the Year of the Dog will have plenty of days to call their own. Possessing many of the same positive attributes as  canines, those people born in the Year of the Dog are known to be trustworthy, protective, courageous and driven by a sense of duty and justice.

Club News

Karnataka Philatelic Society felicitates KPS Members

Karnataka Philatelic Society held a felicitation ceremony on 7th January 2018 to felicitate all the KPS members who won awards at the recently held Inpex 2017.

Ghouse Ali Zameer  

 Saket Bajaj

N. Sridevi 

Satish Kumar

The function was organised on a grand scale at the ‘Meghdoot Auditorium’, 5th floor, Banglore GPO. The Chief guest of the function was Col. Arvind Verma, Postmaster General, Bangalore HQ region and the function was presided over by Dr. (Mrs.) Sita Bhateja, Renowned International Philatelist. Mr. Shivaram, Postmaster, Bangalore GPO was also present.

 Col. Akhil Kumar (Rtd)


Sri D.B Ramakrishna

Mr Manish Jain , Mr Jagannath Mani, Mr Ramu M.S. , Mr O.C Naveen, & Mr Suresh Rao

The awardees were felicitated with a shawl containing the KPS logo embroidered on it along with a memento and certificate of Appreciation. The details of the awardees were projected on the screen as they were felicitated.

Image Courtesy - Jagannath Mani & Ghouse Ali Zameer

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